Produced by Ernie Gray November 29-30, 2019

Timecode Reference:

00:00 – i. V.H.Essen Theme
00:07 – ii. The Constant Drone Of Success
04:13 – iii. Losing Your Shadow In The Rain
08:28 – iv. Taking A Soft Target By Force
12:14 – v. All You Ever Think About
Total run time: 16:04


Written, recorded mixed and mastered over Thanksgiving weekend at Tammany Chapel, R1NG$ was a personal challenge to produce an EP of new music from beginning to end rapidly, avoiding the tendency to second guess the details.   The mental process started a few days before writing and recording commenced, with a rough outline of ideas on a memo pad and a few phone recordings.  The entire process from composition to mastering took around 12-16 hours.  Given the entire runtime is around 16 minutes with transitions, I’ve decided to share it as a single file.