New Live Set: Campbell Gray Westberry – Supermoon

Supermoon is a new live set in the ongoing series featuring longtime collaborator, experimental guitarist, Joey Campbell and jazz percussionist John Westberry.

John Westberry met Joey and I for the first time during this session, booked in the evening of the historic Supermoon on November 14th, 2016.  An exceptional musician, John brings a dynamic linear style that challenges and pushes the trio.  John studied music at the University of New Orleans under Johnny Vidacovich, Ed Peterson & Harold Batiste and was Graduate Assistant to the Director of Jazz Studies, Leon Anderson Jr. at Florida State.

Joey Campbell (The Goldroom, The Katies, Creech Holler) is one of the most original and unorthodox guitarists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with: heavily influenced by free jazz, ambient and noise rock, he continues to innovate and expand his unique sound on this recording.  Joey and I both attended High School in Kingsport, TN and after a few years of working independently with traditional rock bands as guitarists and singers, we discovered we had a mutal interest in experimental & freeform music: electric period Miles Davis, early Weather Report, Sonic Youth, Nels Cline, Bill Frisell, John Ambercrombie, Charlie Haden among many others. We formed an experimental psychedellic rock project, The R&B Crisis Center with drummer Mike Shoun (The Oh Sees, Disolve To Island) and guitarist/comedian/actor Damon Ketron. For twenty years Joey and I have perennially reunited to explore new sonic landscapes.

Recorded using a simple stereo XY microphone configuration at Torrida Studio while the live room was still under construction and prior to any absorbtive acoustic treatment.  This recording was for personal reference, but the group self-balanced so well that I consider these pensive atmospheric improvisations worth sharing.

Joey Campbell – Guitars, Treatments
Ernie Gray – Bass
John Westberry – Percussion