Forget-Me-Nots Rock the Radio Cafe

The Forget-Me-NotsI had a blast playing with Richard and Jason at the Radio Cafe Friday night. Great crowd. Great performances also by Colin Wade Monk and Hitchcock Circus. Richard’s songs are smart pop-rock numbers with unforgettable hooks and clever storylines. The ‘Nots’ sound has quickly evolved into Uncle Tupelo meets early Replacements, with the rawness and sponetnaeity of the latter, and the melodic sensibility of the former.

According to scene veterans, it was a somewhat historic evening too: Colin Wade Monk and Richard Dubois shared the same bill in over a decade. Both were members of the now infamous mid to late 80s Murfreesboro band ‘Shamalam.’ Seeing Colin play for the first time, the mutual influences were obvious: both he and DuBois share similar melodic form, and style.

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