Forget-Me-Nots Rock the Radio Cafe

I had a blast playing with Richard and Jason at the Radio Cafe Friday night. Great crowd. Great performances also by Colin Wade Monk and Hitchcock Circus. Richard’s songs are smart pop-rock numbers with unforgettable hooks and clever storylines. The ‘Nots’ sound has quickly evolved into Uncle Tupelo meets early Replacements, with the rawness and Continue reading Forget-Me-Nots Rock the Radio Cafe

Health Care: Why is it so damn expensive?

My brother, Adam emailed me this morning about a whopping hospital bill he received for a recent visit to the ER… “Eighteen-Hundred freaking dollars for an IV and a gurney???” Absurd, isn’t it? We all know horror stories like this. A simple visit to the hospital because of a real emergency (like severe dehydration, in Continue reading Health Care: Why is it so damn expensive?

Tornado Season

Tornadoes and strong storms flattened homes and businesses acrossSumner county, leaving a trail of destruction several miles long, and at least 167 homes were destroyed in the Gallatin area alone. At least seven people injured in the storm were being treated at Hendersonville Medical Center. Hospital spokeswoman Marissa Murphy said the hospital was operating on Continue reading Tornado Season

Cut the cord, slap it on the butt, give it a laptop…

In 2002, theorganization known as “One Laptop Per Child” set out to do what many thought was impossible or impractical: build a mass-production laptop with a price tag under $100 thatis incredibly durable,can surf the web,and even run without electrical outlets via a hand-crank power supply. The concept is targeted at emerging markets (think Sudan), Continue reading Cut the cord, slap it on the butt, give it a laptop…

Junk Buddha

They say what goes around comes around, and in this case, I believe the “karma” is good. After nearly six years, I have created a memorial website for the Murfreesboro drum&bass project Junk Buddha. It features an ongoing history from members, downloadable music in the mp3 format,as well a variety photos from the period. The Continue reading Junk Buddha

Drop Dead Sunset – Animalism

Drop Dead Sunset – Animalism

The single by Drop Dead Sunset
“If we studied any other creature in nature and found the record of intra-species violence that human beings have, we would be repulsed by it. We’d view it as a great perversion of natural law – but we wouldn’t deny it.”
— Gavin De Becker