Hmm… Does Your Site Work On iPhone?

Wow, great new website you have there! Too bad it’s useless to the new generation of web users on the go who need to find you! Smart phones are everywhere. At the rate we’re seeing their adoption, everyone will have them within 5 years.

Knoxville Tragedy Spotlights Hate In Sensationalist Media

Hate is hate. I don’t condone it in any fashion. The Knoxville man who opened fire on a children’s playing of “Annie” at a Unitarian church was clearly a man looking for someone to blame for his hardships. His conflation of “losing his government subsidies (food stamps)” and “hating liberals” belies his misunderstanding of the Continue reading Knoxville Tragedy Spotlights Hate In Sensationalist Media

Watts The Solution?

The future of the American energy crisis is clean electricity. With clean electricity we can power our current interstate infrastructure, keep our car culture, and continue to enjoy our transportation independence. We can move goods around the country, and actually do it cheaper than ever before.