Stride Academy Adaptive Online Learning Software

After years of research and development my teammates and I at LTS Education Systems are proud to launch the all new tablet-compatible learning platform, Stride Academy.  Built on the latest HTML5 technology, Stride Academy is a giant leap forward in terms of  user experience and front-end flexibility from the previous flagship product, Kid’s College. With the same powerful Stride Adaptive Engine under the hood from Kid’s College that scaffolds curriculum up and down automatically for students based upon performance, it brings a highly mature and battle-tested learning framework to a next-generation user experience.

What makes Stride Academy unique from other educational software?

  1. It is insanely motivational for kids to use thanks to a catalog of built-in HTML5 games that can be played when children earn enough coins by progressing through math and reading questions aligned to the common core.  The games we developed and licensed are a blast, and we’ve more game title on the way.
  2. Kids have an opportunity to compete against their peers on leaderboards, as well as earn fun badges and other digital, “swag.”

After all the hard work, testing and preparation, we’re proud to see children enjoy Stride Academy — the positive feedback is the best reward I can imagine.