Graceful Degradation

Music produced between December 2023 to January 2024.


  • Ernie Gray – voices, bass, guitars, drums, percussion, drum programming, synthesizers and engineering.
  • Mino Fukushima – guitars, keys & treatments

Mp3 encoded @320kbps.
Music, sound recording & cover art collage © 2024 Ernie Gray. All rights reserved.
For promotional use only.

Bizarre Bazaar is a remote collaboration with my friend and former Vibraflux band mate, Mino Fukushima. Vibraflux was a rock group from the mid-90s that recently released a long lost album recorded in 1996-97. Mino is a guitarist and musician with a BA in music from Milligan University and an MA from East Tennessee State University in Jazz Studies. He currently resides in Japan.

Graceful degradation is a term used in computer science describing the design of a system, program or network to maintain essential or mission-critical functionality even when a large portion of it has been destroyed or rendered inoperative. I like the phrase and the concept is easily applied across domains.