Bizarre Bazaar – Reflections

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A lot of my lyrical inspiration comes from my interest in economics, sociology, psychology, & spirituality. This song is inspired by the relationship between religion and schizophrenia, which is of particular interest to psychiatrists because of the similarities between spiritual (or supernatural) experiences and psychotic episodes.

Bizarre Bazaar is a collaboration with my friend and former Vibraflux band mate, Mino Fukushima. Vibraflux was a rock group from the mid-90s that recently released a long lost album recorded in 1996-97. Mino is a guitarist and musician with a BA in music from Milligan University and an MA from East Tennessee State University in Jazz Studies. The music and production is loosely inspired by the Acid Jazz that we loved in the 90s.


  • Mino Fukushima – guitars, effects
  • Ernie Gray – voices, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, drum programming, synths, mixing, mastering.