Bizarre Bazaar – Nothing 4U

Originally written in 2020 during the pandemic lock-down, this song reflects on nirodha, or the overcoming of suffering by letting go of taṇhā (desire, attachment). This playlist also includes the companion track, Reflections.

Mp3 encoded @320kbps.
Music, sound recording & cover collage © 2024 Ernie Gray. All rights reserved.
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The vocal performances for Nothing 4U are from the original demo, recorded rather quickly through an TC Helicon autotune/harmonizer device. I liked the artificial “robotic” sound, so kept it.

Bizarre Bazaar is a collaboration with my friend and former Vibraflux band mate, Mino Fukushima. Vibraflux was a rock group from the mid-90s that recently released a long lost album recorded in 1996-97. Mino is a guitarist and musician with a BA in music from Milligan University and an MA from East Tennessee State University in Jazz Studies.


  • Mino Fukushima – guitars, effects
  • Ernie Gray – voices, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, drum programming, synths, mixing, mastering.