Fear, Doubt & Uncertainty

New track exploring EDM production techniques. Recently reading a critical review and technical analysis of an audio amplifier by a blogger I enjoy, the author mentioned the classic phrase, Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt — a propaganda tactic and sales technique pervasive in multiple industries, including audiophile equipment marketing. It’s a psychological exploit often effective in convincing users to avoid viable high performance “commodity” components or fork over exorbitant amounts for exotic and esoteric features with questionable scientific or objectively measurable advantages.

Inspired by the concept, I reordered the sequence to fit rhythmically & lyrically. It’s not lost on me that the EDM production techniques I’ve employed here are, like most modern EDM, embrace aspects that audiophiles loathe: intentional use of clipping, excessive loudness (low DN ratio), white and pink noise, extreme eq curves and intentional “bit-crushing” of various signal sources.

The cover photo is a collage including a photo from Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens in Summerville, Georgia.

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